How Social Media Can Be Used Effectively in a Business


The prime concern of any business house or a new venture is to promote or propagate their business amongst the masses so that more and more people are aware of it. It becomes all the more important to do the promotion in a manner which is unique and different, so that people get attracted to it and do not miss out on making the purchase. Initially, all the promotions were done with the help of advertisements    WhatsApp business   which were played regularly on the radio and television. Now with the advent of social media like email, Twitter, blog,whatsapp and Instagram, it has become very quick and convenient to promote any new business, on either electronic, paper and social media. There are various ways in which social media is used effectively. These can be listed as-

Social media involves the usage of internet. Through this internet service, any business house can float their product details. These details can be searched by all the people using the internet service and those who have an excess to these sites. Immediately people read the content and revert back by giving their comments. The business house can come to know the reaction or the buzz, their product has created. This helps them to modify the details also if there are not many positive responses. This happens quickly by the help of social media as the reaction is instantaneous. There will not be any requirement of filling long feed-back forms or mentioning the comments.Every thing is just fast on the social media.


To promote the business, many companies come up with different discounts and sale offers from time to time. The most common way adopted for this is usually putting different pamphlets in the newspapers or magazines. Now, with the help of social media, these advertisements can be put up on many sites simultaneously. People can make their choice easily and quickly.


Another facet that social media have encouraged is the making purchases online, without going out to the shops and the malls. Online purchase offers a lot of variety with different colours and sizes to choose from. Once the purchase is finalised, the payment is done through the credit or the debit card thus making the entire process of shopping very convenient.


The smartest aspect of intervention of the social media in business has resulted in a loyal and regular, customer relationship. All the personal details of the customer are fed in the computer and whatever latest the company has to offer, immediately reaches the customer via a mail or a sms. Along with this, the customer gets certain reward points on a particular purchase. These reward points can be accumulated and can be redeemed at a later date.


With all the stored data, it becomes easy to assess requirements of the customers from time to time and thus providing the same in terms of products and new offers.


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