Reasons FOOTBALL GAMES Is A Waste Of Time

I expect this to alter the season, with Miami and Florida State regaining the locations of theirs in the Top ten, as well as the competitive amount of the entire conference moving up a handful of notches. By the way, how did the Mountain West Conference get left out of that poll?

Heisman Race

As a former defensive player, it is tough for me to Football betting concede that the Heisman Trophy is apparently provided to the “best” college football player, but scoring and offense make the highlight movies much more than tough defense and hard hits. True to tradition, the best contenders for the Heisman this season are running quarterbacks as well as backs.

Over the previous 20 years, eleven times the Heisman was awarded to a quarterback, six times it was given to a running back, two times a large receiver got it. And so, fast trivia question: Who was the sole defender to get the award in the past 20 years? Answer: Charles Woodson received it as a cornerback at Michigan in 1997. Good luck to the guys on the tougher side of the ball, though I am predicting a quarterback will win it this season – both John David Booty or maybe Colt Brennan.

Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno The fight continues this season between these 2 great grandpas. I suppose a thing has to be said about the competitive natures of theirs, but on the additional hand the applications of theirs are actually both suffering because Paterno and Bowden have not discovered how you can meet pastimes which are as fulfilling as walking the sidelines in big college football games (And heck, Paterno cannot actually walk the sidelines anymore). Evidently neither of those coaches plan to quit coaching until one) the other one retires, or maybe two) he dies of aging.

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